Pedro and Laneesha Castrejon created Alpha Omega Mobile Welding Services, Inc. in 2017. From inception, the vision has always been to provide quality work and provide opportunities for young professionals to develop their experience in the welding industry. As former high school teachers in the Hillsborough County School District, Pedro and Laneesha, genuinely loved working with young people and embodied the county motto of “preparing students for life.”

Pedro graduated from Jefferson High School in 2004, and was a part of the welding program as a student. He developed a passion for welding and became dedicated to pursuing a career in the industry. At the Port of Ybor he started at the bottom and eventually became second in command of the welding inspection quality control division. After his welding teacher retired, Pedro was asked to take his place. He was very hesitant to take that drastic pay cut, but his former teacher told him that there were more rewards to teaching than just receiving a paycheck.

Pedro trained his welding students to be ready to work. Companies would come to the welding shop for career day and promise to hire his students when they graduated, so he specifically taught the students the skills the companies requested. But they wouldn't hire his graduating students because of "lack of experience." Laneesha saw how disheartened this made Pedro and suggested they create employment opportunities for his former students, so that's exactly what they did.

From that passion to see recent graduates excel, Pedro and Laneesha utilized their experiences to create Alpha Omega Mobile Welding Services Inc. They continue to hire students from HCPS - high schools and tech colleges combined. Pedro still uses his education background, to train his welders and ensure they maintain the standards of excellence, so they are “doing the job right the first time.”

AOM has done everything from residential projects to commercial construction including metal balconies and metal staircases for apartment buildings, bridges, wastewater management facility projects, pipe welding, and welding for airports and military bases. They feel truly blessed and thankful to be able to serve their community and look forward to meeting all your welding needs.